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Luke Tornare


Founder, Lead Cinematographer, Editor and Drone Pilot


Luke started by building his own drones when he was 13 years old and has refined his craft since. As an avid skier, mountain biker and outdoorsman, he thrives in the creation of adventurous media. From capturing a climb in freezing temperatures to delving into the textures of fabric, home or person, Luke explores unique perspectives.


Dawson Gillespie

Co-Founder, Lead Colorist, Cinematographer, FPV Expert and Animator


Attention to detail is Dawson’s double edged sword. He oftentimes finds himself lost in focus for the perfect shot and the most illuminating color corrections in post. Dawson also has been building and perfecting drone operations since his early teen years. Ultimately, Dawson’s world is one of intention to find the key in making a piece unique, lively and stunning.

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Michael wirth

Production Manager


When Michael isn’t pushing peaks as a professional athlete, he dives into the ideation of creating impactful stories. Michael brings his consulting and artistic experience to tailoring productions on a brand by brand and story by story basis. He works with clients to bring their stories to life through niches in the market and the unique offerings we pride ourselves on here at Send It. Symbiosis between you and us is what Michael creates.

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Aidan Farley

Drone Engineer


Aidan is a problem solver and well versed technical specialist when it comes to drones. He can custom build a drone in a matter of minutes. Seriously. Aidan’s expertise allows our team to live stream drone footage from FPV racers and a variety of other standard machines. Furthermore, he ensures that our drones operate at the highest level to capture the most cutting edge aerial footage available.

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About send it productions

Our team comprises a contemporary perspective into video production. Through the speciality of drones and cinema camera operations, we are able to offer unique perspectives that accentuate geographical beauty, texture and voices​.