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Luke Tornare


Founder of Send it Productions, loves skiing, mountain biking, and the outdoors in general. Skills included: cinematography, photography, editing, and Drone Pilot. 

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Dawson Gillespie

Co-Founder of Send it Productions loves creating to perfection with FPV drones his camera and is a master at color grading and animation. 

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Aidan Farley

Could build you a drone in no time and is great at flying them too! He loves capturing awesome videos using FPV. 

Based in Denver Colorado.

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Aiden Jacobs

Master with a camera and can create amazing photos even in the dark. 


about us

Dawson and Luke have been fascinated by videography and photography for as long as they can remember. They started Send It Productions in 2019 because they saw a need for a new style of filming. This new style of filming heavily involves FPV drones and other unique creative tools like 360 cameras and a fast-paced style of editing to keep any viewers engaged.