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Whether you are a business in need of a unique video to show off a product or a production company in need of professional drone pilots we got you covered.

We are constantly on the lookout for products and companies that will take our videos to the next level! 

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Send it productions is a film production company.  We are small but scalable allowing us to stay flexible, affordable, and highly personalized. We take pride in our FPV drone pilots who can capture amazing content that is unique and engaging. Our team also specializes in non-aerial videography. This allows us to create something different from what already exists with many other production companies, and helps your project stand out!

We have full editing capabilities and expertise because as much as we love being behind the lens, it’s time in the edit bay that makes a project shine.

Our post-production house can see your project through to the finish. From selects to polished edits with VFX and post color correction we’ve got you covered!