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A full-service production company to take your vision from start to finish. 

We create more than videos: we create stories you can feel. 

No Vision? No Problem. Our creative team offers consulting on pertinent marketing trends to tailor offerings for you that speak to your market. 

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what we Offer 

We are a dynamic and flexible production company based in Aspen, CO that specializes in film and photography. 

Aerial cinematography has been one of our primary focuses for a decade: this includes mounting cinema cameras to custom-built drone bases, the fastest FPV drones out there, and top-of-the-line commercial drones. 

Furthermore, we have a breadth of non-aerial cameras to capture those intimate moments and textures to make media sensational.

By combining these two mediums, Send It Productions creates unique perspectives and flowing motion to differentiate media from existing offerings. 

Our post-production side ensures that our footage comes to the client in a polished format. From selects to fine-tuned edits with VFX and color correction, we have you covered. 

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